Explosion Protection - International

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This course offers clear explanations of the theory and basic concepts behind directives and guidelines governing explosion protection. It features sample exercises employing instruments from the realm of measurement technology. Particular emphasis is placed on clarifying the various international regulations as applied in different regions.


  • Net study time: 1 hour
  • Available in the following languages:
    Deutsch English
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This learning block consists of approximately 1½ hours of instruction in measurement technology using clear, concrete examples and actual measuring equipment. It focuses on the theory and basic principles behind the directives and regulations governing explosion protection. Particular emphasis is placed on describing the differences in international regulations as applied in different regions.

Learning objective:

You will learn about basic concepts and interrelationships encountered in the area of explosion protection in an instruction session that relies on realistic examples to portray how measurement technology is applied. You will also become acquainted with the special conditions and differences that distinguish the various international regions.

Target group:

This course also offers experienced measurement technicians a welcome refresher in explosion protection.