Basic Concepts of Digital Communications

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Become acquainted with the basic principles of digital communications in process automation. The session also employs practical, interactive examples to explain where and how this technology can be effectively employed to optimum advantage.


  • Net study time: 1 hour
  • Available in the following languages:
    Deutsch English
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This learning block offers instruction in the basic concepts behind digital communications in digital automation with a course session lasting approximately 1 hour. It also employs practical examples in interactive exercises explaining where and how this technology is correctly employed.

Learning objective:

You will learn about the basic principles and the operating concepts that guide digital communications in the processing industry. You will also acquire an understanding of both the unique advantages and the limits of this technology.

Target group:

This topic will be of interest and value to both novices and experienced technicians entering this area from other disciplines along with all those individuals involved in planning and using these technologies within the industry.