Electrical engineering 2

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The "Electrical engineering 2" online training is one of a series of new online trainings in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. It is practically oriented and authentically structured. Case studies from practice provide a concise illustration of the matters covered.


  • Net study time: 2 hours
  • Available in the following languages:
    Deutsch English Française Español ελληνικά suomi eesti keel Svenska

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All training content is taught by means of audio clips. Additionally, the narrative text can be viewed on the sitemap.

Various tools are built into the online training, such as Excel worksheets, an integrated calculator, PDF files and various downloads. The online trainings include an extensive glossary and a full text search facility.

From the contents:

  • Electric charge
  • Capacitor
  • A capacitor in a DC circuit
  • A capacitor in an AC circuit
  • Applications of the capacitor
  • Variable capacitor
  • Coil
  • A coil in a DC circuit
  • A coil in an AC circuit
  • Applications of the coil
  • Physical variables
  • Calculating with changing values
  • Light switch-off delay
  • Electrical behaviour of a grinder
  • Power generation and transmission
    The theory learnt will be applied using various practical examples:
  • Light switch-off delay
  • Electrical behaviour of a grinde (work, performance, efficiency)
  • Power generation and transmission (generator 6 kV/10 kV, transformer 110 kV)