PLC Programming according IEC 61131

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Programming logic controllers play an essential role in automated machines and systems. They generate the commands with which machines and systems are controlled. The program for the programmable logic controller can be flexibly adapted to any given task. There are different standard programming languages for control programs.
Learn more about programming as defined in the international standard IEC 61131.


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Learn about the five programming languages: function block chart, ladder diagram, instruction list, sequential function chart and structured text.

From the contents:

Programming logic controllers

  • What programming logic controllers (PLCs) are used for Comparison of hard-wired controllers and PLCs
  • Structure of a PLC
  • Functional principle of a PLC
  • The IEC standard
  • The CoDeSys programming environment

Project organisation

  • The distribution station
  • Hardware configuration
  • Modules
  • Tasks and main program
  • Variable declaration
  • Data types

Programming languages according IEC 61131

  • Basic functions
  • Function block diagram
  • Ladder diagram
  • Instruction list
  • Structured text
  • Sequential function chart

Logic-oriented programming languages

  • The memory function ...
  • In function block diagram
  • In ladder diagram
  • In instruction list

Sequential function chart

  • Creating a GRAFCET diagram
  • Using a GRAFCET diagram as the basis for a control system in sequential function chart

Structured text

  • Selection instruction IF ... THEN ... ELSE
  • Programming a function block
  • Adding a function block to an existing program

Process Programming Project

  • Creating a complete program run for the distribution station
  • Linking to a reset program
  • Communication between different programs using variables
  • How a trigger function block works and what it is used for
  • Organising multiple programs with simple task configuration