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This online training provides an introduction to logic functions. First of all, AND and OR functions and their processing are shown in function tables. Other basic control functions such as memory, timer and counter functions round off the contents.


  • Net study time: 2 hours
  • Available in the following languages:
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The second part starts by covering the basics of open- and closed-loop control circuits and describes the elements of a controller. It then takes a detailed look at minicontrollers with their features and areas of application.

From the contents:

  • Basic technical functions (AND & OR function, memory function, timer function, counter function)
  • Digital minicontrollers (differentiation between open- and closed-loop control)
  • Control components
  • Positioning with digital minicontrollers
  • Design and function of a minicontrollers
  • Cyclical program processing
  • Areas of application
  • Program languages